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sethnintendo said:

Mine is DA-1700-5074-1975

Excuse peach's house because turning it into diner and haven't ordered her all the diner items yet.  Think I need a few missing. If you have diner counter chair and counter table that would be great. Also need jukebox.

Nice Nintendo themed island you have.  I think it is cool you made other player characters from Mario and are giving them their own themed houses.  Clever idea!

On another note, I made 2 big changes to my island over the weekend.  I got rid of the random theme in Leene Square that used to have the wedding stuff mixed in and it is now a fairground, to better represent the Millenial Fair.

The area behind it (accessible through a ramp above the campground) is also now a bamboo themed spa.

Check it out when you get the chance!

Last edited by Shiken - on 03 August 2020

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