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sales2099 said:
DonFerrari said:

If you want to talk about 2020, so after SoT had 2 or 3 years to improve how does it compare to GoW that hadn't been updated? Or if you prefer to pick something from this year. How does it compare to TLOU2?

Just listing the advantage of a multiplayer title vs a single player title. Time is on ones side more then the other (If done right). At the moment LOU2 is being played more. But in a year from now? SoT can easily remain relevant where as the other needs a next gen re release with its delayed MP component to stay relevant. 

Still those multiplayer games with all these advantages are still worse evaluated and sold than the single player games Sony have been putting, so doesn't seem like these advantages even with several years of improvements made much of a difference. And I prefer to play a game complete and be done with it instead of playing the same game for a long time even more if it isn't as good as that other one.

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