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SvennoJ said:
DroidKnight said:
Two different companies = different strategies. I don't think there is anything that needs to be countered. Sony is doing great and why throw a wrench into it? If it's not broke don't fix it.

Indeed. I'm glad AAA single player experiences are still made. Not everything has to be multiplayer to remain profitable yet with gaas and game pass it is turning in that direction. Still no GTA 6, Grand Theft auto skipping an entire console generation because GTA online is so profitable...

In the end stuff will go back to normal. Microsoft experimented with AoE online and Microsoft Flight, didn't work. And now we have a proper Age of Empires 4 coming and amazing new Flight Simulator in a few weeks. Perhaps Sim City will go back to what made it great as well.

At some point people will get tired of all the early access releases, unfinished games evolving over time or not. It's always a gamble, follow the mainstream hype if you want to keep playing since those early access games that miss the hype train usually fall off the radar and never get finished. Same with episodic content.

Yeah same, I would probably just quit console gaming if it wasn't for good quality AAA exclusives.

PC's do just about everything better with no pay-walled garden outside of games that are GaaS. These types of games I would rather not become popularized on Playstation as it lead to another another service that sets the standard for the generations to come.

Just like we've all been acclimatized to Live/PS Plus, DLC's and micro transactions. You'd have to be a little naive to think that these companies are not playing this for the long game.