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No. The Wii craze was well over by 2012. Wii didn't have many notables in 2012 aside from Kirby 20th and Mario party but 2011 was its last year with interesting games. Xenoblade. The Last Story. Pandoras Tower. Zelda SS. Kirby in Dreamland. Conduit 2. Rayman Origins. Some good games to send off but I feel a lot of even third party was winding down for it. I think by 2010 I lot of people were expecting and hoping for at the very least a Wii HD, I believe there were rumors of it to be shown at E3 2010. 2012 was the right time at 6 years. The standard for Nintendo. Wii U's marketing sucked. Even if the marketing was decent I don't think devs wanted to support Wii U regardless. API was still Nintendo's. HD system which meant more risk. The CPU was ancient. It was 11 years old essentially. Wii ended at the right time. It's just their successor was a bad product.

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