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What do you guys think?

IMO I think Nintendo killed off the Wii way too early, for a good while it was the fastest selling console of all time. It eventually did slow down however I think if Nintendo kept supporting the Wii for 6 or 7 years they could still be profitable, way more profitable than their successor the Wii U at the very least. I don't understand why Nintendo rushed to replace the Wii so early.

Some of my theories of why they dropped the Wii prematurely is maybe cause Nintendo was so optimistic with the Wii U that they thought that it would sell so much more than what the Wii was selling at that point, or maybe Nintendo prioritized to be the first 8th gen system to market to have a year headstart against Sony & Microsoft, since the Wii U was aimed to appeal to more of the PS and Xbox gamers. Or maybe Nintendo wanted to release the Wii U early before smartphones and tablets became huge, as Miyamoto stated.