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curl-6 said:
DonFerrari said:

i certainly understand you talking only about hypotetical right, the problem was you automatically associating that with biggotry and other bad stuff that are independent of political inclination. Like if you put the hypotetical person against same sex marriage or stuff like that I could agree, because that is a common point for a lot of conservatives, but that doesn't necessarily means that person is homophobic.

Okay, I'll bite; opposing same sex marriage is denying someone (or rather, millions of people) equal civil rights based on their sexuality. How is that not homophobic? 

There is no bite. It may be hypocrite thinking on their part due to religious thinking, same as they not wanting multiple people wedding and while still having a mistress. Those silly things about the santity of marriage and what the bible says. That doesn't mean they hate gay people or deny their existence. Sure for me it is a very silly and pointless thing to deny same sex people to marry, but it doesn't equate homophobe. I know this is toss around a lot and is dimissed very fast but it isn't unusual for these people to have family or friends that they love and are gay while not wanting the government to approve same sex marriage (yes it is strange and stupid but happens, people are generally stupid). We even have a lot of openly gay couple that oppose same sex marriage and say those should be reserved for heterosexual that wants to make a family under god and have their own children instead of adopting (yes those are very few people, still I now some). Again the things aren't black and white, it doesn't go from being pro gay to anti-gay, it have a very broad scale in between. And just to remind I'm in favor of the government not regulating who or whom many may marry if they are all over 18 year old without serious mental disease.

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