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DPsx7 said:
JWeinCom said:

The point is that you pay for the service for a certain period of time at a certain rate. Once that period has expired, you can choose to sign up again at whatever the current rate is, or you can choose not to sign up. I don't see how anyone is locked into anything. 

It's like this. You buy the console and a pass. If the pass goes up in price and you don't like it now you have a console and nothing to play. It's not a paperweight as you can still go out and buy retail games, but if you're gonna do that you might as well skip the pass entirely.

Dunno if people who sub to a lot of things just don't worry about it. Whatever.

Well, first, you don't have to buy a console to get Gamepass, as it's available for PC. Secondly, as you said, if I stop the service I still have a console. And I have already enjoyed the benefit of gamepass for the time I chose to use it. At this point I can sell the machine, or I can buy the games I really enjoyed, which will likely by this point have dropped substantially in price.

Again, I'm fully aware going in that I don't have access to the game forever. I'm also aware the price may rise (although if they jumped it too suddenly I imagine they'd risk a class action suit). Based on my purchasing and playing habits though, (I mostly play Nintendo games and a buy like 3-4 third party titles a year, pretty much all of which have come to Gamepass), this is a far better deal for me. If after 2-3 years I'm no longer using the service, I'll probably still be coming out ahead compared to what I would have spent if I'd had bought all the games I played individually.