twintail said:
It's confirmed?

I think Silent Hill has potential but that 6th August leak in that link sounds incredibly fake.
Nomura talking about FF7? CG reveal for GoW? PE remake? The license doesn't even belong to SE and I doubt they will pay to use it again.

I doubt buy it.

The 10th Aug leak sounds a lot more believable, granted it's also stacked with games so I don't know. But most of what is mentioned seems very viable, to some degree.

Personally I just hope they show off the new UI and features connected to PS5 software.

If that was a bet you would have lost. SE registered the trademark back in summer 2018 and that would mean the game is at least 2 years in development( most likely more because trademarks are not done initially to keep development a secret) and its reveal would not be farfetched.