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d21lewis said:

A few random thoughts:

-Some people say it's bad for developers. How do those of you feel about the "free" games given away by PS+ and GWG? At least with Game Pass, those AAA games are just temporarily on the market. You may buy it later. With the other services, if they give you a game, it's almost yours. They're not making any more money from you unless you buy DLC.
The games on Plus and Gold are very old and done most of the sales it could and still receives a pay from Sony plus some publicity that may or not give some leg (I have noticed a lot of these show up on promotion early before or after being given away), sad is that the Indie games given away aren`t even downloaded by most subscribers.
-At least one person said they still prefer digital because they can control their purchase. Remember the time people couldn't even play Heavy Rain on PS3 despite owning it physically? Physical is no guarantee of anything.
I don`t remember this case, every game I had I could play without ever linking to the internet. Please the source, I got curious.
-Some ham would be pretty good right now. A nice ham and cheese sandwich...

My point is, even if you buy physically, there's just so much to download, so much to patch in, and DRM is so ingrained in modern hardware (2005-present), even if you buy physical, you're just buying digital with a disc in your hand. The world changed and we didn't even notice.
Still can play all of those even without any patch or anything of the like.
At this point, even with big games coming to Game Pass, it's still just a percentage. People will still gravitate towards retail or (like me) just buy digitally because they think they own the game that way.

We don't.

-One last thing: Attach rates. How many games does the average gamer buy? If you're like me (the way I used to be) you were buying multiple games a month. Awesome for the industry. I think gamers don't fall under that umbrella. If M$ can convince millions of those gamers who were spending $0 a month on nothing to spend $15 a month on something they weren't even interested in... 🤔

We know on average a console have like 12SW sold per HW sold, and since there are plenty of guys like us who buy like 12 games a year then there is also those that perhaps buy a CoD or Fifa per year and nothing else. So yes if GP is made in a way that it doesn`t take away from current market but make people that weren`t expending money to expend that would be good. In a way it is similar to Sony introducing plus, at first when it only gave games away and discount it had 1-2M subs (3% attach ratio), but when it got mandatory it rose to like 40%. So we have to wait to see how things will turn out. I just am very against this making the industry go towards the GAAS and MP model.

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