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Leisure Suit Larry Laffer fits the bill, especially 5-8. Magna Cum Laude even got an A-O rating.

Europe, especially Germany, had quite a few adult games, many of them tycoon or other such economic simulations. Biing, Wet: The Sexy Empire, Lula 3D, Singles: Flirt up your Life (Also A O rated despite the nudity getting censored)...

The main problem being that the US are too prude for a game that has more than just PG13 sex or might even just have *gasp* bare nipples! And since the US are the biggest videogame market. The other problem is that the massive failures of Lula 3D and the atrocious Larry Lovage games pretty much killed the market for publishers.

axumblade said:
Honestly, a big budget game would just have to show penetration one time for it to get a NSFW tag. Nudity is generally acceptable but it normally is a novelty effect or leads to softcore grinding (but I think even just female breasts lead to an M rating).

hurr hurr 

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 01 August 2020