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JWeinCom said:
DPsx7 said:

The point is to get locked into rising costs? I suppose if you have the saves then yeah you have some other option besides going cold turkey.

Well we were talking about MP not too long ago so you may want to keep access to certain games.

The point is that you pay for the service for a certain period of time at a certain rate. Once that period has expired, you can choose to sign up again at whatever the current rate is, or you can choose not to sign up. I don't see how anyone is locked into anything. 

As with majority of subscriptions you have to opt out to get out - this is the case for GP where you continue to pay unless you cancel the sub. Which a lot of people neglect to do.

Granted some companies make this more of an hassle. Take cellphone companies for example. A lot of people also subscribe to so much stuff forget what subs they are paying for, which is what these companies want.