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Intrinsic said:
Gamepass is the biggest scam in gaming. And MS last-ditch attempt to derail gaming in general and turn everything into a GaaS hybrid.

How can people not see this?

Gamepass is not some pro-consumer feature MS is doing because they love gamers, its what they have decided to do because they believe they cannot flat out compete with sony anymore. Does anyone here really think Gamepas would have games on it on launch day if MS could have pushed 5-10M sales of any of their mainline IPs consistently?

Like how stupid people really? can't they see where this is going? Get emin for $1/month as a deal for what should b $10/month. Then when they are all in, start hiking prices. Just wait until there is a gamepass ultimate where you have to pay $30/month if you want to get the bigger third party IPs day one. Oh, and lets not forget that blog post that will talk about how they regrettably have to increase the price of the service because there are so many great games that they want to offer their gamers "for free".

Of course? I mean, that's how business work. It's easier to sell you on a product/service if they are cheaper at first. Once the product/service is proven and it has a better pedigree/brand recognition, you can actually start charging an amount that actually makes you money.

MS is really behind Nintendo and Sony in terms of, well everything. So yes, going third party by releasing their games on PC and some on Switch, coupled with services like Gamepass and XCloud was their answer to make the brand Xbox profitable.It's how they choose to survive.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.