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It is amazing how people can come with so many arbitrary and pointless arguments to defend the idea if a new system is replacing an old one, somehow it will belong in the same old gen. People just can't get a grip to look for the definition of generation.

The thing is, if Wii U wasn't such a huge economical failure, Nintendo could be able to launch the switch a bit later and all confusion regarding the time that it was released would be gone.

Now if Switch is a home console or a handheld... I won't bother with this pointless discussion any longer, a gaming console is a gaming console, a gaming system is a gaming system and a gaming hardware is a gaming hardware no matter if it's stationary or a portable one. Period. 

Switch play as both bc it's Wii U and 3DS successor's so it's obvious that you have every characteristics out of box. Switch is the living proof of how is so baffling that you are still trying to force this separation on Box A and Box B when technology and design have already evolved past this.

Last edited by 160rmf - on 31 July 2020



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