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curl-6 said:
DonFerrari said:

I love that in the thread and most social media being right wing already mean being racist, homophobic, etc.

If you're referring to my posts, I never meant to imply that right wing = racist and/or homophobic. I know many right wing folks, including friends, who are neither, and are good people.

There is however a distinct overlap in my experience between far-right ideology and homophobia/racism.

Do you know that Che Guevara was homophobic and racist against black and indigenous, Karl Marx was anti-Semitic and racist against black people, Castro brothers were homophobic, etc right? And not the type we accuse Trump and Bolsonaro of being "they don`t like", "talk bad" or "don`t defend", but the type of explicitly bad mouthing those and even openly persecute.

There are many examples on the left field of all those issues as there are on the right field. Being biggoted, evil, mean, etc, are independent of political inclination. I know very good human beings from far left thinking to far right, same for bad/ill people.

That is why I said my opposite political side wouldn`t attract me, because that would mean someone that want a dictatorship with very few liberties.

For me the government should only take care of national sovereign, judicial system, basic infraestructure and police with minimal cost to population. And sure I can make room for some social programs to prevent starvation, health calamities and basic education. But I`m totally against unecessary law. Government shouldn`t dictate who can marry and how many times, that is for adults in relationship to decide themselves. Sure if there are cases of abuse, like someone forcing, coercing or purchasing partners by all means prosecute and jail otherwise the government should just write down as many people had agreed on a contract of relationship and be done with it and then religious services and others are free to celebrate or not, and since there is market for it there will be some type of "church" that would celebrate 10 people of the same sex marriage between all of them. Racism is bad, bud law doesn`t really solve anything, so freedom of association is more important and of course allowing people to expose business that forbide them of participating, etc. Those are very conservative and classic liberalism points on minarquism, and nothing on then is based on biggotry of any kind, but I know most left wing are against it because they believe the government should be more active in progressing the society even if that mean forbidding free speech and other individual freedom for people that don`t keep up with time. For me those people are more evil than supposed fascists as they usually label whoever doesn`t align with them.

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