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d21lewis said:
0D0 said:

I haven't thought about that before. Being loyal to Sony has also gave me tons of brilliant big games. And it's full ownership.

Nintendo on the other hand is the one that should be asked how they will respond? Not that they need to respond, but Nintendo ownership is truly the most expensive affair of the big 3 and I don't know of any loyalty/subscription on Nintendo that really gives out good stuff.

I was checking the prices of Zelda switch agains games like Horizon, God of War and many others and it is a shame how pricey Zelda is. The excuse some give me is always that Nintendo makes quality games that deserve the long term high price - it's like God of War and co are not quality games.

No. It's not full ownership. The closest thing to full ownership from a subscription service is when you get backwards compatible 360 games on Xbox Live Gold. The games you get from PS+ are locked the second your subscription expires.

And while both Gold and PS+ give you "free" games every month, you get 100+ instantly on Game Pass and many of them are top tier new releases. Many times I've purchased a game early only for it to arrive on Gamepass before I even get around to playing it. Certain games are only there for a limited time, though. 

I guess the question (at least for me) is "how many games do you really need?". I'll pay for Game Pass Ultimate and only play one single game for an entire month...

Yep you can`t really say 100% ownership since you need you subscription valid to play them. But well different from streaming services that if the game isn`t on their current list you can`t play the plus and gold games you have then even after they expire from the offer. So it is kinda middle ground. And of course there is a difference between instant library of GP and my cummulative gifts from plus.

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