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shikamaru317 said:
Xxain said:
There needs to justification to have a non white character?

Depending on the setting, yes. For instance, when Kingdom Come Deliverance released a few years ago, the woke crowd on ResetEra and such was criticizing the game for having an all-white cast, even though it made absolute sense for a game set in 1400's Bohemia to have an all-white cast, due to the fact that there is no historical evidence of people of color living in 1400's Bohemia in significant numbers. If they had caved in to the Era crowd and put a darker skinned character in the game, they would have needed to give a darn good justification for that characters presence in Bohemia.

Diversity is not a bad thing, it is a great thing in fact, but forced diversity sucks. I have no problem with diversity in media when it is done right. For instance, I'm a big Star Trek fan, and my favorite of the Star Trek series is Star Trek Voyager. Voyager was well known for having one of the most diverse casts of any tv series back in the 90's, it had a white female captain (the first major female captain in a Star Trek series), a native-American first officer, a black Vulcan security officer, an Asian-American Ops officer, and a Klingon Chief Engineer who was played by a Latina actress, plus a few other white characters. But it never felt forced or in your face, like "we have a diverse cast, we're better than every other show out there because we're diverse". It felt natural and made absolute sense for the show's setting. 

Another great example of forced diversity is the recent Witcher tv series on Netflix, where they changed the races of several characters from the books just so that they could have a more diverse cast for the show. No reasoning was given for this, it was clearly just there so that the woke crowd wouldn't riot because the show had an all-white main cast.

Imagine quoting historical accuracy as to why Black people couldn't be represented in a world where Dwarves, Elves, Dragons, Witches and Monster Huntrers exist.

Yo whose Manz is this'?

Black Women Are The Most Beautiful Women On The Planet.

"In video game terms, RPGs are games that involve a form of separate battles taking place with a specialized battle system and the use of a system that increases your power through a form of points.

Sure, what you say is the definition, but the connotation of RPGs is what they are in video games." - dtewi