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I realize that probably none of us know the answer for sure. I'm also not asking specifically about either console. I'm just wondering, how does the gaming industry view the success of the mid-gen upgrade experiment?

It is pretty clear that these upgrades did not extend the length of the generation. Did they lead to greater software sales? Did they get people to buy into an ecosystem that they otherwise would not have?  

On a personal note, I can say that I did not have a PS4 until the Pro launched. I was thinking about skipping PlayStation this generation. But, the Pro gave me a good excuse to get in to PlayStation.  So, at least in this one case, the mid gen upgrade did get someone into the ecosystem that may otherwise not have done so.  I just don't know how many people really did that.  And, considering that companies make little or no money on console sales, it seems like these upgrades wouldn't make sense if they didn't get a good number of people to do like I did.

Anyway, I'm interested in hearing everyone's thoughts.

Last edited by VAMatt - on 30 July 2020