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haha a job posting appears so suddenly people are all like "Switch 2 coming soon!".

Let's be realistic, Switch 2 is still several years out, probably 3 years away at the absolute earliest. A single job posting doesn't mean Nintendo is gonna suddenly kill off for no reason the hottest video game system in over a decade. I don't get what people's fascination is with Nintendo cutting lifecycles drastically short but it won't happen, Nintendo has even stated numerous times Switch will be around for a while.

I could see this being for an upgraded Switch, as no doubt a premium version of the Switch will come out at some point in the next year or two that probably ramps up the performance of those demanding AAA third party ports on the Switch that have to run with low fps and low resolution. Switch Pro at $300 that gives the ultimate experience for those high end games that barely run on the Switch now, meanwhile OG Switch drops do like $230. Makes sense to me. Probably get more third party ports on the Switch then for the next few years, with the games being at least playable but not a great experience on OG/Lite but run smooth and clear on the Pro or whatever.

Anyway, this is either for a beefed up Switch Pro that'll play games with higher res/fps or it's early R&D for Switch 2 which is still probably around 4 years out - so early chipset R&D on that would make sense as Switch 2 chipset will probably be out in 2022 going by the fact that the Switch chipset came out in 2015.