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Ka-pi96 said:
VAMatt said:
Education is critically important, so we should get government totally out of it. Then, individual schools, students, and parents can make the decisions that are right for them.

With that said, and since we do have government involved, I think schools should be open and parents and students should decide if they want to go the normal way, or a hybrid system.

Could not disagree more. Because it's so important the government definitely should be involved! We don't want kids to be brainwashed.

Sure the government can't be fully trusted in that regard either, but they're a lot more trustworthy than most parents and *shudders* religious schools.

Governments are essentially the same as religious schools in terms of brainwashing.  Parents... Harder to say.  But, governments (essentially all that have ever existed) use continuous streams of propaganda to make people believe whatever they want them to believe.  That's who you want teaching kids?