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FormerlyTeamSilent13 said:

Everyone saying switch 2 in 2023. That’s way too late imo. How do they expect to get third party games with the current switch hardware consistently failing to hit 30 fps on downgraded settings?

I think it depends on how the Switch continues to sell in the coming years. Although it's nice to have some third party games I'm not sure how much of a draw they are for people coming to the system. As long as the first party support is there and the games continue to look "good enough" in the eyes of consumers compared to the others then I think it'll sell well and 2023 is a realistic possibility for the release of their next console. If sales tank then yeah, I agree that it'll come out sooner.

I don't think they will go down too hard, too fast though. I'm expecting 2022 at the earliest, 2024 at the latest.