sales2099 said:
eva01beserk said:

Yea obsidian is definetly trustworthy. They do have a history of delivering good games.

Now for gamepass thats complete nonsense for 2 reasons. Because if something seems to good to be true it most often is. You where warned that quality may suffer and you denied it repeating their official spin. And now what? just wait some more? Theres a lot to be worried about gamepass.

Second is that its the excuse fans are using for the disapointment. Why would that be a saving grace for the show? Because you probably would not buy any of thouse games any other game. So if people are using it a an argument why would I not argue against it?

I ain’t telling you to wait for GP. It’s been awesome for a while now. 10 million steady subs is a lot of income. When it hits 20...I don’t see how you could scoff at that revenue. Devs pay to be on GP btw. Gamers recommend games to friends who don’t have GP, leading to increased sales. Increased DLC purchases because people allready feel that got the base game for “free”. Your stance on GP is concern trolling at worst. To argue against it is to advocate spending hundreds more per year is good for gamers. There is no evidence of big games like Gears 5 and Forza Horizon 4 being gimped in quality. Each has the features of previous IP instalments. 

Not sure what your last point is referring to. Either way I just see gamers that aren’t into Xbox wanting AAA games now now now when that clearly isn’t realistic for games that started development in mid 2018. 

Devs are paying to have their game on GP? So they don't receive sales money from it and even pay for it to be there? Sources please.

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