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numberwang said:
NextGen_Gamer said:

That is my thought as well. A 2023 release for Switch 2. And I do truly hope Nintendo continues with a Switch 2, because I love my Switch and think the whole concept of a handheld/console combo is perfect for Nintendo.

A 2023 SoC from NVIDIA would probably be based on the TSMC's 3-nm EUV-GAAFET process, and that will offer some amazing possibilities for them. You could easily have a chip with close to power of the Xbox One X and be passively cooled in a handheld (!!!).

Curb your enthusiasm. Price will be 299 because that worked well for the Switch. With that we get lucky if it can run nextgen PS5/XBSO games at 540P updlss-ed to 1080p (best case scenario).

If competitors come in high as it appears they must this gen, then Nintendo have more space to move and still come in lower/better value, which is great for tech improvements, lets hope