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Azzanation said:

I daubt it, fanboys will always try to make platforms compete regardless.

I remember the days i was in heated endless debates and getting downvoted about claiming MSs direction and thier focus in the console market.. goes to show that it doesnt matter how right you are, people wont change their point of views.

Unless you were, inexplicably, making a different argument that was running parallel to the one I remember, vividly, referencing "how right you were", and others people's inability to change their point of view makes me want to challenge you to a fistfight.

Your take: You were repeatedly making a blanket, absolute statement, saying "console sales don't matter". Which is still incorrect now, even when applied only to Microsoft, the company detaching itself the most from the traditional console sales model. When applied to Nintendo and PS, who's combined market share represents much more of the console market than that of Xbox, that argument gets even worse. Many, if not all, of the finer points as to why this point of view was incorrect have already been covered.

So, "console sales don't matter": That was essentially the totality of your stance. You weren't right then. You're merely less wrong now.

I haven't looked at it, but I have a direct link back to one specific instance of what I'm referencing here, because it was my most recent ban.

My blanket statement? I never said console sales were useless, i said it is not the "Be all, End all." Some picked up on it at the start of this generation and some clearly didn't. The entire OG launch of the X1 was all about DRM, Power of the Cloud, Services etc before the 180 from horrible feedback.. what do you think is XCloud, GamePass and the new services for gen are? they sound so familiar.

If you believe i am wrong than why on earth would MS focus on bringing their entire library over to PC if console sales means so much to them? Why do you think MS created GamePass if Retail sales were so important? I couldn't be any more right with what i am saying. Which proves another point of mine, which you just replied too,

"I daubt it, fanboys will always try to make platforms compete regardless."

This right here is people not accepting this approach and refuse to believe it, because they want a console war and they will make these monkeys fight regardless.

Its also very hard to debate without an actual link or sentence to what you are claiming in my previous posts. All i remember was saying that Xbox is all about the software and eco-system, they would rather sell more software and subs than sell consoles. Phil practically admitted to exactly what i have been saying years ago and now more and more people are even claiming and accepting that Xbox is all about the eco-system than head on head hardware sales.

This entire gen was Xbox building upon its future and trying to implement ideas. Its like rebuilding a football team, sometimes you have to start from scratch again by trading and sacking players and coaches (Closing Studios) Recruiting new blood (Opening new Studios) Building a new game plan (New Services) and opening the door for trade (Multi-platform games). Sometimes you are going to lose some matches to get back to the top, even completely suck at times however the long term goal is success and that's how it was the moment the OG XB1 was announced, it didn't work straight away so the rebuilding stage begun and now we have the next Series Xbox which is all the XB1 should have been.

Ask yourself, is MS trying to make you buy a Series X? or are they trying to get you into their eco-system? I can tell you its not the Series X and even they admitted that.

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