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shikamaru317 said:
Has been known for awhile that their action RPG was planned to be multiplat. I think they're making a terrible choice signing with Private Division though, they have proven to be just as shitty as their parent company Take-Two. Private Division royally screwed over Star Theory, the Kerbal Space program devs. They contracted them to do a sequel to Kerbal Space program, then decided that they wanted to acquire them instead. Had meetings with the founders, who decided they didn't want to be acquired. So Provate Division sent emails to all of their developers over a weekend offering them a raise and a bonus package to come work at a new studio that would be developing Kerbal instead. Most of the devs decided to take the offer, leaving the founders and what devs chose to remain just a few weeks to create pitches for new games to make to publishers to try and get funding. Then corona hit and cancelled PAX, leaving the devs with nowhere to meet with publishers at, and Star Theory was forced to close. Those kind of aggressive acquisition attacks don't belong in the gaming industry, I fear that Moon Studios just signed a deal with the devil.