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Barozi said:
ArchangelMadzz said:

Okay great, just as there was a difference in games right now I wasn't sure if all the XSX games would come to PC gamepass too. Thanks for the info.

The problem on PC is that almost every publisher has their own storefront. So there isn't a big incentive for 3rd parties to release their games on the Win10 store which is a requirement for them being added to Game Pass for PC.

Since there isn't as much competition on consoles, we get games like RDR2 or The Witcher 3 on Game Pass for Xbox.

Also a lot of Japanese games are exclusive to Game Pass for Xbox for some reason (Nier Automata, Soul Calibur 6, Tekken 7, Monster Hunter World etc.). Guess they don't care much about the PC audience.

I'm not that bothered about third party releases, it just means that to play all the new Gen has to offer I can keep my PC and get game pass and get a PS5. 

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