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Ka-pi96 said:
sales2099 said:

It’s a talk show. He got a laugh from the audience. People could also not be be the most comfortable in a live interview. The more you say, the more can be misspoke and dissected and twisted by us. He said his opinion, straight to the point. 

Which is great! I'd much rather somebody answer like that and just say what they then than spout off some vague bullshit to try and avoid giving an answer. Most people do have a preference one way or the other and there's nothing wrong with them just saying which they prefer (especially when asked!) without going into a full length discussion over the pros/cons of each.

Well if you are satisfied with those answers, then great. Kudos to you for accepting peoples opinions that easily. If someone tells me "I think China is a better country than the US" I would like to know why. If they then say "Because it is". I cant really just accept that. I want to know why. Just a curious guy I guess...