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S.Peelman said:

Got to say I’m with NightlyPoe on this one. Education over the internet is not effective, and children are damaged more by not going to school and having their much needed regularity than they are at risk from this virus. Also, there’s opening schools and “opening schools”. You don’t have to reopen schools and have it be the free-for-all madhouse it usually is. It is possible to regulate where which children are when, have teachers keep their distance and do a little crowd control if you are creative. That’s how they did it here anyway.

Its not effective because none of the schools were setup to use it at short notice.  I have been teaching online classes for over 6 years and the technology is way more advanced then current schools were using since it was basically zoom meet ups.  The thing is we have enough time to invest in those online tech to make remote classes almost as good as being in the classroom.  I will say with my years of experience that the gold standard will always be in classroom teaching but we do have the tech to make remote a very viable and solid solution definitely during this time.

As for this children are damaged by not going to school, I highly doubt not going to school for half a year or better is suddenly going to damage your child.  Kids are not porcelain dolls where they break so easily, if anything children learn to adapt far quicker and better than adults.  You really cannot regulate kids to wear a mask for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  Even if you could if the virus is airborne then it really only takes one child saturating the air sitting in spot for a long period of time to infect everyone.  Those kids rotate from classroom to classroom and one child can effectively infect the majority of students.  Parents send their child to school all the time sick.  Some with mild symptoms some with more depending if they need to go to work. In poor neighborhoods it will be a blood bath as most of those schools are already pretty crowded in class size already.