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JRPGfan said:

Yep, over 2,3m active known cases.

Alot of american's dont have fear at all of it.
They think wearing a mask if worse, than the risk of getting covid/useing masks to reduce spread.

They still say that "99% of people are fine".

Reality is:
54% of all covid patients have lasting lunge damage.
76% of all covid patients have lasting heart damage (germany study resently published claims this)
(theres brain damage, testicle damage, kidney damage.. ect. Even if you get "well" again, you could have issues a few years down the road)

1% of that die (those that arn't "fine" but dead), out of 330 million people, is alot of dead people.

This is a very positivist reasoning. If you confront these people and ask "are you willing to kill 0,5% of random people in your country and cause a damage in the respiratory system of other 5% if everyone have the opportunity to stay doing their business as usual?" I'm sure most of people will say they aren't

There is, however, some kind of cognitive disconnection here that prevents people to understand their acting and decisions are leading to this scenario