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JRPGfan said:

Cant lose a war, if you dont take part....

Nintendo basically went for the blue ocean, of doing a handheld that hooks up to a tv, so it didnt need to compete with the others.
Now xbox is like "we're staying here, developeing for all systems (the lowest denominator), and selling gamepass, and GaaS". 
(xbox series x, is just xbox one and a half, same games, slightly higher resolutions, its what happends when you dont move on gen from gen)

Both basically didnt want to do a traditional console anymore.
So theres only Sony left, the other two went the own ways, to avoid a battle.

Playstation is still like, new gen! new games, bigger and better, with better graphics not possible on old gen!

Instresting to see how this plays out.

Gamepass is crazy good value though, maybe its enough.

Yup that pretty much sums it up. Series X is more of a formality to show they're still making consoles and for people to gawk at the specs. But I still think we'll be shocked once MS announces the price. It will probably be a niche product with a niche price, as I don't see why MS would be willing to take a hit on each console sold if they don't care about building a huge install base in the first place. My guess is that they'll be talking a lot more about the price of Lockhart in August and reveal the price of Series X on the low.

I do like GP as well and it will probably be a financial success for MS, I just wished they had a bit more faith in Series X. I honestly think they could have given the ps5 a run for its money if they had something like Halo Infinite as a launch title and designed as a technical showcase for Series X. It sure would have been way more exciting to kick off next gen. Without competition, I just hope Sony doesn't get lazy, though.