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Chazore said:
KLXVER said:

Ok this is getting ridiculous now. I just think he could have worded it better. I didnt know you would go to these lengths to defend the guy. Lets just agree to disagree.

Well yeah, he could have, but it wouldn't have really done anything for those who had already made up their mind about what piece of plastic they prefer or wish to buy though. 

"defend the guy", ah, see this is what Iw as getting at with my original comment. You see him as some sort of "foe", and me trying to be a voice of reason, is now labelled as "defender" of him, in order to suit your already defined viewpoint. This doesn't make for any good discussion, it just creates an us vs them scenario.

No, I'm not one to follow along with that kind of cop-out. His choice is his very own to make. He didn't give a long speech as to why, and the world as we know it will continue to spin, unabated.

If you want to stop responding, you're absolutely free to do so. No need to respond and trying to make a visible scene.

Whats the point in arguing this? I think he said something stupid and I gave a response. You think its fine what he said and you gave a response. What are we supposed to discuss here? We both know where we stand. 

I just like it when people give proper answers instead of "because it is". I expect that from children, not a grown man that has been in the industry for decades.