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Chazore said:
KLXVER said:

Well Gabe gives no reason at all. Hes obviously not neutral. He hated the PS3 as well at first. Im sure he will come out at a PS5 event looking like a hostage again after a few years when he need Sony to sell his products though. 

You sound like you're already coming from a specific camp yourself, that you'd cite Gabe as some form of derogatory "enemy".

He doesn't ened Sony to sell what he's making on Steam. He's been doing fine for years now.

That sounds a bit dramatic, but he obviously has something against Sony. 

I dont really know why we are still talking about that though. All I said is that he sounds butthurt pretty much. I dont really care. I just thought the guy was more articulate and had learned a thing or two after the whole PS3 thing. Obviously not.