eva01beserk said:
Shaunodon said:

A Forza game is very likely during that window. Probably Forza Horizon 5, as Forza Motorsport is apparently in early development.

As we saw with Forza Horizon 2-- really the only great exclusive to launch during year one this gen --Playground Games (and another studio if necessary) will have no problem releasing this title cross-gen and optimising performance for next-gen.

Halo MCC, which at it's core is an amazing package, obviously launched as a mess. Otherwise that would've been the other killer year one app of this gen.

Funny enough, Xbox could look very much the same this upcoming gen. Except it'll be a whole new and innovative Halo (that'll hopefully not launch as a mess), and Forza Horizon titles have only gotten more exceptional with each release.

2 potential must-have exclusives for year one next-gen and current Xbox owners, along with all the other smaller titles they're throwing in. That'd be pretty impressive in my book.

I think the bold sumirises your post 100%. This only seems interestingng if your already into the Holy Trinity and after the period expires we have mothing to go on as we saw nothing. I really dont any need to purchase a series x for the forseable future.

Feels a bit weird to reply to someone not allowed in this thread anymore, but I just want to point out how odd this argument is.

This is the same lame point people try to use against Nintendo games somehow. Like only certain types of people can really like them. It's fine if you personally don't want to open your mind to them, but trying to pretend like a great Halo game and Forza Horizon don't appeal to a boat load of people is rather laughable.

These games can easily be must-have system sellers. The unknown factor is when they'll be ready for next-gen. I'm hoping they don't try to launch Halo Infinite prematurely.