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Eagle367 said:
When will people learn that infinite is the last current gen game like breath of the wild was for Wii U, not a next gen game. But it's a system seller nonetheless for it's gameplay and I think it's the right move to release it like this. It will give serious momentum to Xbox series x

Except they are going to use that game as the Halo platform for this generation. Are they planning to update visuals substantially along the way?

Some MMO's do this, like Eve Online, but then you get games like World of Warcraft which looks just as hot garbage as ever. If they plan on updating significant parts then your argument is okay, but if just minor updates then Halo For Series X will look mostly like this until their next base game, which will probably be on the device after Series X. Halo Infinite is where all their multiplayer/story updates will be delivered through for the next 6 years of the Series X lifespan, if what I've read is correct, so it needs to be "next gen" and not current gen, imo.

Regardless, I'm hopeful that the demo being old combined with the months remaining in development will improve it significantly.