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Ka-pi96 said:
Torillian said:

Not surprising to me that Japan has reopened things. I tried to compare the cases and deaths per capita in the two countries and Japan wasn't even on the same scale because the total is almost two orders of magnitude less in cases and deaths than in the US. If the US was in the same place Japan is I'd be pretty comfortable opening schools too. 

Yeah, it's definitely not the same situation.

Like I said, I don't know how it is in the US, but I don't know a single person here's that's even been affected by the virus itself. There are a lot of precautions and what not, but in terms of the virus itself it still feels like something that's only a problem far away.

Yeah I don't know anyone personally that's been affected either but that's more a stats game even if 1.3% of our population has had it at this point I just don't know enough people for that to sink in. 

I understand what you mean about it feeling like something far away. I'm in a state that got hit early so thankfully we're not in the thick of it currently, but our schools are still taking it slow because there's nothing stopping the infection in other states from getting here. 

It's a tough scenario because we've built a society around the idea of public school as a means to let both parents go to work, and not every family has at least one parent that can work from home during these times. That's more an indictment of the policies in the US than the school teachers who would prefer not to die for their profession.