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RaptorChrist said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

How will Sony respond?  Wait and see.  That is what they do with every new thing that comes along.  If it gains traction then they make their own version.  Microsoft offers a paid internet service, and a few years later Sony develops their own.  Nintendo develops motion controls and a few years later Sony develops their own.  That is basically what they've done with every new innovation that comes along in gaming.  It has served them pretty well so far.

Careful. While you are speaking the truth, there are a lot of people on here that resent the idea of Sony copying anything that their competitors do. :P

You can see a lot of people took offense to the topic of this thread as a whole. So many sarcastic, douchey responses because someone asked a question about how Sony will respond to something. Some people try and act as though Sony doesn't or shouldn't even care what their competition is doing, disregarding the fact that they are a for-profit business (not different from Nintendo or Microsoft in that sense), and absolutely are concerned about what their competition does, as it affects their bottom line. Sony is not a person, but a company, and as such, there is no moral compass to prevent them from doing something that you would hate any individual for doing.

It's just smart strategy to wait and see what happens.  Let Microsoft and Google spend all of the time and effort to work out the kinks and then copy the new business model if necessary.

What do I care if Sony copies a business model?  I'm not a gamer because of a business model.  I'm a gamer because of the games.  The problem with Microsoft changing their business model is that Sony can change too, and then they will still have better games.  If Microsoft really wants to challenge Sony, then they ought to try making better games (and more of them).  Gaming is about games.  Anyone who wants to be on top should focus on delivering the best games.

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