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twintail said:
EnricoPallazzo said:
Not until I understand how backward compatibility will work and if there will be performance/resolution gains automatically, without the developer having to release an official patch. Also I would like to have an idea if there will be big differences in performance between PS5 and XSX for third party games.

1) most games

2) frame rate boosts possible.

3) resolution boosts possible.

We've known this fora few months already.

You only have to look at the PS4pro to know how BC is gonna work. It's the same thing but stronger.

I dont think its clear at all how it will work.

Can I get my Bllodborne straight out of the box and play it at 4k 60fps/4k 30fps/1080p 60fps or will I have to wait for a developer patch?

If it depends on a patch that I have no idea when it will come, and if it will come, and my only advantage will be to play it at steady 30fps (since the original game suffers with it) then it will be a huge disappointment.

I still can't play GTA4 on Xbox One X at more than 720p 30fps because the developer/microsoft never released a patch...