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DPsx7 said:
sales2099 said:

Well 3rd party games, the big ones especially, come out months after launch onto GP so it’s a similar situation. However I have the luxury of playing Xbox first party day 1 where you would have to wait or bite the bullet and pay in full if the hype is too much. 

It’s not either or, as in I can buy the games before they leave the service. 1st party games don’t leave at all. I can easily have the option to buy and collect what I see fit. 

I respect your position but all I have to do is beat 3 full priced games to break even. Everything after that is a bonus. Last year I played 20 games on GP, it’s essentially legal theft with the money I saved. I dunno given that it’s hard to see it in any sort of negative light.

Hype isn't a problem. I always wait. For example I still haven't played RDR2 or even have copies of Doom Eternal, Last of Us 2, or FF7 to name a few. I get the risk of spoilers goes up but that hasn't bothered me in the past. It's more about the gameplay. And if I did want to try a certain game online, usually the community is gone by the time I get there. Whatever. Doesn't happen all the time.

People like me are the exception. Most play a few games a year so it's ok to buy at launch and they won't care if that copy works a year from now. Back when I didn't have this pile of games I often went back to my retro collection during the summer. I'd like to find time to replay some faves. Having that ability is nice. Then like I said before physical is often cheaper in the long run. Digital hardly drops in price. Streaming means you're locked into payments whether you use it or not.

I've already finished 31 games this year alone according to my trophy card. Not all large games though.

Fair enough. You did acknowledge you are more of the exception. I’m thinking of the larger picture. Millions on both sides who are governed by hype, buy new/fairly new, and play multiple current games per year. I myself don’t play a lot of new games...hence my excitement when RDR2 hit Game Pass and I’m currently getting my money’s worth playing it. 

So going back to the OP, Sony would have to seriously increase the value aspect to truly respond. As of now, it’s just there but not yet a “must have”. 

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles.