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Mr Puggsly said:
Chrizum said:

This is untrue. PS3 version looks horrible with distorted color palette, lack of foliage and runs at 2/3 of Switch's framerate.

This remaster is extremely impressive. To think I jizzed my pants from playing DOOM on a GBA for the first time, now we can play a good looking version of Crysis on a Nintendo handheld device. Absolutely amazing!

When Doom came to GBA, it was 8 years old.

Crysis is 13 years old now, the 7th gen port is about 7 years old.

All considered, it basically what I expected. Switch can play 7th gen games well when properly optimized.

This doesn't really change anything he said as the 7th gen ports were terribly butchered, Crysis was developed for at the time top end PC specs at the start of the HD era while Doom was the best of the end of the 2D era as it came out the year before the Saturn and PS1 released essentially the jump to 3D which was already in progress at the time so the former being longer in being ported doesn't take much away from it.