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Crysis is finally playable in handheld format, and it's [mostly] good news.

Lighting is overall a big improvement over even the PC original in most cases thanks to advancements in lighting techniques over the years, though some indoor volumetrics are gone.  In almost every way the game is also a huge improvement over the PS360 versions, like in foliage density.

Adaptive 720P but it seems to keep that target pretty well with good post-processing

Framerate is decent most of the time, with odd frame spikes and a tendency to drop top around 20 FPS during really busy fights, though it never becomes unplayable.  The motion blur which is better than the og PC motion blur helps.  Runs the same in handheld mode with a couple of minor downgrades from docked mode.

All environmental destruction is intact, but the performance take a bad hit for a moment and trees update at a lower framerate.

Some geometry is missing, especially underwater.

The biggest downgrade is the removal of parallax occlusion maps.  Apparently they badly affected performance in handheld mode.  The developers want to patch them in for docked mode.  It's a matter of getting the setting to turn on and off properly when putting or removing the Switch from the dock.  So that feature could return.

The flying level is gone.

I thought I saw a lot of pop in in the video which DF didn't touch on.

And there's gyro aiming.

Overall DF is impressed and hope many of the problems can still be patched.  The team is continuing to work on the game.

Last edited by h2ohno - on 22 July 2020