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Soonerman said:
Sony really needs to make PS Now be a Game Pass copycat. People are blowing off Game Pass,as gimmicky with.limitrd audience and I admit I did too until recently.

I got the one month for $1 offer in March and now I'm hooked. think it's a great idea because I can play with my console and continue on my PC if the wife wants to watch TV.

I can see Game Pass be a bit like Netflix. Ignored at the beginning by the rental lord Blockbuster and then become the throne holder when it comes to subscription service for console games.

This is what I think also. And I would add to the equation availability and value for emergent markets. Game Pass gives Microsoft a ridiculous advantage in low and mid income countries with its value proposition, and even among lower income people within developed nations. With the Covid 19 crisis it also turns into a even more meaningful advantage.

Not to say I expect ps5 to fail or anything like that, far from it actually. But Sony has to respond now while they are still far ahead.