ArchangelMadzz said:
vivster said:

If someone only cares about games and doesn't care about upgrading he will buy a console, it's that simple. No reason to compare a price when there is no alternative. Same the other way around. Even if a PC is 10 times more expensive than a console but does a thing a console can't do you will still buy the PC and not the console.

Another thing you ignore in your comparison is getting a PC that is weaker than a console. If you want a gaming PC you don't have to get high midrange. You can just get a cheaper PC and upgrade later when you have the funds. There is no reason to match a console's power 1:1 if you just want to play games and are on a budget.

Which is why my recommendation as to whether get a console or PC would never be the price, but the use case.

I fully agree. It's just that console killers have always existed in the PC space, with PC gamers saying why buy a console when you can get a PC for a similar price that can do everything else a PC can do and perform similarly in games.

This thread was just to say that's probably not gonna happen this time. 

Console killer is a stupid concept invented by PC fanboys and attacked by console fanboys. There is no point even going down that rabbit hole. PC will never be able to compete price/performance of a console. That's why we shouldn't try to stoop to a console's low level with a weak PC and rather highlight what can surpass the console. As far as I'm concerned every PC, no matter how strong or how expensive, is a console killer because it can do things no console will ever be able to do.

At the end of the day, if you want a smartphone, you will buy a smartphone, no matter how cheap that mp3 player is.

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