Soundwave said:
Doesn't seem like much has changed at all.

Nvidia's 30 series cards coming this fall will be more powerful than the PS5/XSX. PS5 doesn't even look like a full RDNA2 chip to boot.

The GPU in the PS5 is heavily customized but at its base is still based on RDNA 2, minus ML. PS5 has Geometry Engine, GPU cache scrubbers and a modified a CU for audio. So we can't really make 1-1 comparisons with off the shelf parts. They are customized architectures designed to make the most of the hardware. Xbox also has Velocity Engine etc.

"Variable Rate Shading is nice for saving cycles, but VRS’ optimization capability doesn’t hold a handle to the Geometry Engine’s capabilities. VRS without GE means you’re still processing vertices you can/should eliminate in earlier stages to begin with. More free compute/memory." - Matt Hargett (Activision Lead Artist)

Granted PC's will still have the edge in performance these consoles will still be quite powerful (especially for the price). PC's just don't come close to value if we are talking performance per dollar/euro/pound as you're buying parts from different vendors which ends up costing more upfront. I doubt you will be able to build anything remotely close to $500/£479 even through the console cycle. Between the SSD and GPU you're already there and then some.

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