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Captain_Yuri said:

AMD has been fairly competitive in their budget categories against Nvidia. It's their top tier cards that have always been the issues which is a shame T_T.

And then you would need to look at something like the CPU since just because it's an AMD 8 core 16 threads with similar frequencies doesn't mean it will perform the same as we know that things like the L3 cache has been reduced on the console versions and you have 1 core reserved for OS and etc. Then you will have these brand new SSDs coming out with reads that can do 6.5GB/s but is that even gonna matter cause of the Series X's SSD and real world performance and then you can get windows for like $20-$30 from kinguin and blah blah blah. This can be a back and forth speculation that won't matter until they all release which as a working man, I don't have time for and I am sure you have better things to do as well.

Now personally, I am not a fan of the whole idea of "Console Killer" PCs. PCs are a general purpose device vs consoles are a very much specialized device. Because of the Covid for example, I am working from home and in order for me to do that, we need to use Sonicwall's NetExtender VPN. You can't do that on a console for example. But on the other hand, you won't get the level of optimization that comes from owing a console. So for me, PC's should always have the general purpose tax for me to ever recommend one instead of one where so many corners have been cut that if you look at it the wrong way, it will slap you cross the face, fuck your wife and leave with your dog.

But at the end of the day, I think the PC parts that are on the horizon will be able to bring PCs a lot closer to the performance of the ps5 and Series X so I wouldn't count out those budget builds just yet.

This is why I think creating a perfect relative in terms of price on PC is almost impossible.

Let's start with the CPU for instance: 8 core, but one reserved for the OS, less cache and lower boost speed. So should the equivalent PC build use a 3700X (since 8 cores), or just a 3600X or even 3600 (to take the missing core, cache and lower speeds into account)?

Now to the SSD. What will that fast SSD really do on the PS5, especially on multiplats? My guess is that it's a great thing, but will only really be utilized in first and second party titles, causing a similar (although less pronounced) problem than what Sony had with the Cell in the PS3. So a PCI-E 3.0 NVMe SSD of the same size should suffice - or does it?

Really, the best time to see what the consoles really can do and how much an equivalent PC would cost would be shortly after launch, after the real world performance of the next gen had been tested in a couple games. Only when you know what they can achieve can you really make something equivalent in performance.

I also dislike the notion of a console killer for all the reasons you mentioned. But I also want to see how much a PC with similar performance costs and how far away that is to the cost of the consoles. If the price gap between PC and consoles for the same performance gets too big, then it will drain gamers away from the PC and to the consoles. The other way around is also true, if the consoles bring not enough tangible advantage over a gaming PC, then why not directly go to the latter? It's all an act of balance that needs to be achieved here for both to thrive.

Pretty much. Not to mention the AF versions of CPUs. If AMD releases 3600 for $100 or less and call it 2600 AF like they did with Ryzen 1600 AF, just with a 2600, oof. I may have to take out my lube again.

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