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Leynos said:
MasonADC said:

Emily has had an almost perfect track record since like 2017 lol. What’s the point of wanting a direct but then choosing to ignore a mini. If a mini is dropped tomorrow at 10, I guess that the crazy insiders were wrong once again 

Mini's never been that interesting. Yeah wasn't she the one talking about BG&E2 exclusive to Switch? heh. I never got a Xenoblade or Astral Chain like an announcement that I recall at a mini.

Don’t think so, and even if she did it was probably not before 2017. If you have to go so far back to find something that doesn’t really help your case. First party games can be announced in minis. The last general direct only announced one first party title and it was a remake. Not hard to top that when we literally have no future first party titles dated(or even that many announced)