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John2290 said:
Cerebralbore101 said:
Oh man, stealth is an absolute joke. I've been playing as a Samurai that just walks up and challenges everybody. I've had archers in perches utterly clueless to the outright brawl happening below them. Not but 15 feet below them their comrades are screaming and getting slaughtered. Meanwhile I can walk or climb right up behind these guys without even crouching, and they still have no idea I'm there. I'm always honorably giving them a good thwack over the head with the blunt end of my sword so that I don't accidentally stealth kill them.

The artstyle is 10/10, and I'm really enjoying the combat. Gotta love it when I perfect parry and enemies start shitting themselves. They always scramble backwards in fear, on all fours, which making killing them a breeze. The enemies have so many different attack patterns that it's a lot harder to get a perfect parry in this game, than it is in Sekiro.

One gripe I do have so far is that in order to explore properly I need the traveler's outfit. But sometimes I forget to equip my actual Samurai armor before a fight.

Mentioning them falling back in fear, remember in the gameplay trailers when Jin walked up to some mongols and they scrambled away without attacking, is it true you have to do the stealth to have the enemies cower like that, do you know? I've only done it for the main tales that force it and it doesn't feel good, feels like the ending of the last of us where you're stripped of choice but I want them to drop in fear at me, how much of it did ya do before they started fearing you? 

That's one more pro for the game though, it makes you want to be a Samurai and not a ninja. 

It's a perk of the deflection tree. The perk is that 20% of the time, when you get a perfect deflection, one random enemy will shit their pants in fear of you. It's great. I haven't stealth killed more than three people in this game.

John2290 said:

I'm gonna play Horizon my next session to compare and contrast, These photos in my gallery are telling me it looks better but I wouldn't be this blown away if it was better three years ago and TLOU2 took nothing away from this game, in fact it makes me appreciate it more cause the art trumps the tech and it doesn't rely on filters like the film grain.

Yeah art trumps tech every time. The list of games that I would give 10/10 graphics to this generation is very small. I don't recall all of them, but Into the Breach, Hollow Knight, Horizon, and GoT are all on that list. Horizon gets it for the robot dinosaurs, not for the technical aspects. And the other two games are Indies! :P