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Got home and played two hours of it. The grass is seriously impressive. I have a 2070 Super in my PC, and there are games with 1/4th as much grass in them, as GoT that seriously drop frames, when you enter a high grass area. Meanwhile this game runs on PS4 Pro with entire fields of grass and the framerate barely dips.

The lack of a lock on camera is kinda sad, but I also realized how much I've been relying on it over the years. Enemies can juke you or leave your field of vision. This makes positioning during combat important. Also, without a lockon camera you are free to dodge enemies in a lot more directions.

The motion blur is pretty bad though, when turning the camera. And cutscenes look weirdly animated or choppy at times. But maybe they are lowering the framerate there to make cutscenes look cinematic?

Combat is good, taking a few pages out of Sekiro's notebook. Spear enemies are easy street though. And your average footsoldier can be taken out with two strong attacks to break their guard. I'm playing on Hard mode btw.

Stealth is hilariously easy. Enemies might as well be wearing horse blinders. Enemies take four seconds to go from "I think I see something" to "It's a Samurai! Get him!" In a stealth game that's all the time in the world to go back into hiding. I'm honestly afraid to even try going Ninja mode in this game. It might be way too easy.

John2290 said:
This shit is getting GOOOOOOD. This feels like what I wanted Breath of the wild to be.It's even more serene and ambient than RDR and RDR2 and that is saying something cause that is one hell of a high bar.

One more con though, the camera is shit in combat and the no lock on gripe reviewers had was really downplayed. It's a nuisance. It gets you killed. One more pro to balance the scales though, the music is perfection on top the sound overall, If I don't make it through my next 90 minute session and see the sunrise outside my window it's cause this music put me to sleep and I'll be happy with that.

Too early to tell but I think I'm gonna really like this game and I think it'll score higher with users unless fanboys go on a brigade. I can already see though, after four hours or so, it's far from perfect.

See above on my thoughts on the camera. You really can't take on multiple enemies at once, with bad positioning in this game.