smbu2000 said:
TLOU2 just vanished

Anecdote, but the local chain store that I usually visit (GEO Hyper Media Shop) is dumping their TLOU2 Collector's Editions (the one that has the Ellie statue). 50% off less than a month from release, originally about $180USD (converted from JP yen) now half that. Maybe they take up too much space? Anyway, regular version is still normal price.

When I worked at retail, we hated dealing with collector's editions.  The kinds of people who are going to buy the collector's editions are generally always the people who are going to buy the game at least within the first couple of weeks, if not day 1. The company I worked for generally didn't discount them right away cause they're dumb and don't understand gaming, but we were encouraged by our particular store to discount them after a couple of weeks.  Honestly, I should have just bought some of them for myself and hung on to them for a decade or two, but that would have been too smart.