Being a Lego enthusiast myself who has spent well over £1,000 on Lego sets in the past year, I'm definitely not denying this is expensive, because Lego, especially the impressive stuff like the giant Star Wars sets, the 1989 Batmobile and Technic themed supercars like the Bugatti Chiron and Lamborghini Sian, are often very expensive. While many argue that the materials to make the pieces costs little to nothing, there's a ton of money that goes towards the planning, designing, prototyping, testing and paying for licenses for sets like this and Star Wars and car brands. Sets like the orange Porsche 911 GT3 RS set took three years to go on sale from the initial stages of planning because stuff like that is so highly complicated; you start to understand the high cost when you go through the building process yourself.

As for the NES set itself, I'm going to go for it seeing as it's my two favourite hobbies (gaming and Lego building and collecting) merged together, even though it completely caught me off guard! $230 (£210 in my country the UK) is actually par for the course for Lego sets like this, especially one that has nearly 2,700 pieces and has the Nintendo and Super Mario license. In that sense, it's actually decently priced; the most favourable average cost per piece in a set that Lego enthusiasts look for is 10 cents or 10 pence per piece and the NES falls well within that at 7.9p / 8.7c per part. That does not sound like much less until you multiply that, in this case, by 2,646.

Plus, this is likely to be a valuable collectors item because it's the first ever Nintendo licenced normal Lego set (outside of the interactive Mario sets) and the first of something in the Lego range is always the most valuable. And also most Lego sets usually gain value over time, even if you open and build it, though obviously unopened and sealed sets gain significantly more. Even if it doesn't gain value and you want to move on and sell the set in question, you should still get back most of what you spent on the set.

That said, I still am hoping for more Nintendo Lego sets in the future like Hyrule Castle or anything else impressive; there is a Hyrule Castle set being reviewed at the moment which a fan submitted under the Ideas banner along with 25 other fan designed sets (not Nintendo related). We'll find out in late September if it gets approved or declined