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shikamaru317 said:
Metallox said:
Ok, I got confused here, so excuse my ignorance here, please. From what I can tell, the disc included in this new 'Xbox' case will be able to run on the Series X, Lockhart and One without any issues of compatibility? Won't there be separate discs for each console from now on?

Yep. You insert the disc into Xbox One, Xbox One X, Series S (if there is a disc-drive Series S model, some rumors it may be digital only), or Series X, and your system installs the relevant files for the version of your console. You put this disc in XB1, it just installs the game. You put it into Series X, it installs the XB1 version then a patch that contains the upgraded graphical assets for the Series X version.

The bad part would be all games needing downloads to have the better visual on XSX.

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