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John2290 said:
psychicscubadiver said:

Sales tax is decided on the state level. City and County level taxes are on generally based on other things however they can enact special taxes if they want. I've heard that the 'luxury tax' on alcohol is New York City is incredibly steep. Anyway, depending on where you live the sales tax generally ranges from 6-10% so on a $60 game, you pay $63.60 - $66 total. I think what surprises people is that no US store ever lists the sales tax on the price, you're just expected to know what the amount is for your state and they add it on at the register.

Is that all? So we really are getting shafted in Europe then now that the US currency is so strong. We're paying around 10 euro more after tax. Maybe they'll only target you Americans so with the price hikes since they have already, silently hiked us up over the years. 

Aren't your taxes, in general, much higher over there to pay for all the socialized stuff?

It will be a long time, if ever, before USA has those level of taxes collectively. I live in Missouri, which is on the lower side of the tax rate for US I think. People around here want to keep as much of their hard earned money as possible generally (conservative state).